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Ongoing Projects

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With Ane Grum-Schwensen: Andersen's Selected Manuscripts. This digital genetic edition of selected fairy tales written by Hans Christian Andersen is in the pilot phase (2017-2019). The official site will be found at http://andersen.sdu.dk/ms. The unstable beta version is currently located at http://beta.auh.sdu.dk.

Postponed project: Critical edition of Christian Lippolt [* 1661 (Nienburg/Anhalt) - † 1738 (Erfurt)]: Curiculum Vitæ. The merchant's manuscript autobiography contains 49 written pages.


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Numerous works by Nicolai Frederik Severin Grundtvig edited since 2012 in commented, critical versions for the complete printed works of the Danish theologian at <http://www.grundtvigsvaerker.dk>. For a complete list, visit my profile at the website of Aarhus University.

Assistance (free-lance) with the translation of: Hans Staden’s True History. An Account of Cannibal Captivity in Brazil. Published by Neil Whitehead, translated by Michael Harbsmeier. Durham, London 2008 (Duke University Press). ISBN 0-8223-4231-6. Available at Google Books ®. The World Catalogue-link also lists numerous reviews.

"At long last an English edition of Hans Staden’s account of his captivity among the Tupinambá of mid-sixteenth-century Brazil is available for scholars, teachers, and students. [...] This book [...] is an attractive, accessible, and reliable resource for teaching and research." (Eve M. Duffy, Alida C. Metcalf in the Hispanic American Historical Review)

Caspar Heinrich Marx (1600-1635): Diarium Actorum a tempore cæsi Exercitus Cæsariani 17./7. Septembris Ao 1631 … [Diary of the acts following the defeat of the Imperial army on September 17/7, in the year 1631]. Edited with Hans Medick and Norbert Winnige in cooperation with Thomas Rokahr and Bernd Warlich. <http://www.mdsz.thulb.uni-jena.de/marx/quelle.php>

Published online both fac simile and in a modernised transcript wih ample notes and an introduction.

 This official journal was kept by a local priest in the Thirty Years War during the first Swedish occupation of Erfurt (1631-1635). Despite its Latin title, the journal is mainly written in German. A short English description of the source can be downloaded in a pdf-file. It is an excerpt from my Ph.D.-thesis. The edited diary is one of five online ego-documents from Central Germany during the time of the Thirty Years War.

Read more about the MDSZ-project at the websites of the project (in German) and the American Historical Review (English). German reviews are found in the newsletter H-Soz-u-Kult (online) and the volume 71 (2010) of the journal Mitteilungen des Vereins für die Geschichte und Altertumskunde von Erfurt (link to the Table of Contents).